Chris North grabs one of the first SoundDevices MixPre’s

Chris North grabs one of the first SoundDevices MixPre’s released on 23 May and is impressed with its performance, quality and price.

The new SoundDevices MixPre’s launched at NAB in April were released on 23 May and have been creating quite a storm amongst videographers – mainly because they are a fraction of the price of the full sized SoundDevices mixer-recorders but produce equivalent sound quality in terms of low noise and enormous gain.  Aimed at capturing the pro-sumer market and enticing more people into the SoundDevices camp they are also attracting professionals because of their small size and quality.  Midlands IOV Area Rep Chris North jumped in with a pre-order for the MixPre 3 and has not been disappointed.  Read his review here.

MixPre3 supplied by Pinknoise-Systems

For full details and specifications see the Sound Devices web site :

MixPre Layout2-May 2107

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  1. June 2018 – a Musician Plug-in is now available for all SoundDevices MixPre recorder-mixers which enables all MixPre Series models (including the MixPre3) to record and mix up to 12 separate tracks.
    Tyhe MixPre3 can record up to three tracks at the same time and the MixPre6 can record 6 tracks simultaneously to add to the 12 track file.
    The plug-in costs $99 but is well worth the outlay if you are a musician or wish to up-grade to a higher track mix capability.

    See IOV Industry News

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