Election to the IOV Executive

I would like to invite any suitably qualified IOV member to offer themselves for election to the IOV Executive. We are looking for a quorate body of no fewer than 3 members and no more than five.

It would be helpful to know in what remains of 2018 who is intending to seek election ahead of the formal process going ahead early in January 2019.

The process is as follows.

  1. Qualification Requirement.

Master Member level with a minimum of two years’ membership. Pre-existing Associate Members who are willing within one year of appointment to submit work for assessment and thereby achieve full accreditation may also apply.


  1. Nomination

All applicants must be nominated by an accredited IOV member.


  1. Manifesto

All candidates are required to submit a brief paper introducing themselves and specifying what they believe they can bring to the IOV Executive if elected.


On this occasion when the closing date is reached (11th January 2019) the voting process will be online. All current members are entitled to vote. A period of 5 days will be allowed for voting and once this time has passed results will be announced and all candidates will be informed of the outcome.

As permitted by the constitution of the IOV the Executive may appoint any other person as a co-opted member for a particular purpose or period of time.

Tony Manning

Chair, Institute of Videography

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IOV Executive Roles and Responsibilities December 2018

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