High quality images for use in VideoSkills 4

Dear Member,

We need to source high quality images for use in VideoSkills 4 and possibly for use on the website. We will probably be able to source some images from manufacturers and the like, but we want to avoid being too heavy on branding (although this might be acceptable to some extent where a company is paying for the privilege).

These are the types of images that we will need, and of course you will be credited as the author of the work.

  1.  the item shot against a grey, black or neutral background.
  2.  the item in use or in a particular setting.
  3.  a close shot of particular features, accompanied by a caption.



Current video cameras: Broadcast/Shoulder mounted; Mid-size; Handycam Run’n’Gun; Action Cams e.g. Sony, GoPro


DSLRs for video (with/without audio solution, e.g. TASCAM)


Individual Lights of various kinds

Lighting Rigs

Interview Lighting set up (image or diagram)

Camera top lights


Microphones – dynamic, condenser, ribbon

Radio Mic set ups

Microphone polar patterns

Studio monitors


Stability & Motion Control

Tripods, monopods, mini-tripods, cranes

Steadicam, Glidecam and similar devices

Sliders – Hague, Digislider, etc

Stability rigs e.g. Zacuto, Vocas, Zhiyun, Freefly MoVi, Chrosziel

Accessories, e.g Wooden Camera, Follow Focus, Matte Box, cages




Media and Recording Devices

SDHC cards and similar

Atomos Shogun and similar

Monitors and Scopes

Studio Monitors

On-Camera Monitors

Test equipment

Editing & Post

Edit suite

Timeline on monitor

Colour control devices

UAVs aka Drones

Craft, Camera, controller e.g. DJI Phantom 4, Tarot X6, Parrot

Operator under instruction

Operator’s licence

Client Relationships and the Law affecting Video Production in the UK

Image of contract – can be partially out of focus

Licences e.g. PPL, MCPS, PRS Limited availability video licence

Camera Technique

e.g. correct and incorrect framing, looking room, safe area, etc

Focus pull

Shot sizes

Examples of B-roll, cutaways

etc., etc.

Feel free to call me on 07960 719520 if you wish to discuss anything in this respect. There are a number of ways you can share your images, such as a Dropbox link. My email is tony.manning @iov.co.uk

Hope you can help – it’s good to be involved!

Tony Manning, Chair, Institute of Videography

  1. Happy to do shots of small kit in a light tent or larger on a bench.
    Is there a detailed shot list to avoid people doing the same thing?

  2. Have you had a look at what’s on offer in http://www.pexels.com ? It’s not all video stuff – but there’s some, as well as great generic stuff. There’s probably other sites too that offer free-to-use-commercially images too – but this one is very good.

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