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MCPS – LM Licence (Limited Manufacture Licence)

MCPSThis licence is issued on behalf of the Composers and Publishers, and enables you to record and dub their works (music score and lyrics). Each event or production will require a separate licence, and the cost is governed by the number of copies being made of the original – and the duration of music included.

How much?
The scales are as follows (prices include VAT):

of copies
of music
of music
1 – 5 £7.66 £12.26
6 – 20 £20.42 £32.68
21 – 50 £27.57 £42.89
51 – 100 £40.85 £65.36
101 – 250 £71.49 £102.13
251 – 500 £102.13 £163.40
501 – 1,000 £204.26 £326.81

Combined MCPS – PPL Limited Manufacture
MCPS have an agreement to sell PPL licences alongside their LM Licence and, in some instances, it may be more economical to purchase your licences this way (see ‘Price Comparison’ below). However, PPL licences sold as part of the LM Licence are only applicable to the production for which you are purchasing the LM Licence. You will also not be supplied with a holographic sticker as proof of licence. You are also limited to purchasing only 250 PPL licences per production from MCPS. If you want to produce more than 250 copies of a single production you will need to purchase additional PPL licences through the IOV or another PPL agent.

Please note, if you are purchasing just the MCPS LM Licence from the MCPS and do not want to include the PPL licences you must tick the appropriate box when going through their ordering system.

of copies
of music
of music
1 – 5 £15.32 £24.51
6 – 20 £40.85 £65.36
21 – 50 £55.15 £85.79
51 – 100 £81.70 £130.72
101 – 250 £142.98 £204.26

Price Comparison
For videographers who produce a number of events each year, with each having a small number of run-on copies, it may be much more economical for you to buy a stock of PPLs at the lowest rate and use them as and when. The licences available through the IOV are not dated and can be used on any number of productions/copies. Please note, you will still need to order an MCPS LM licence to cover the musical works – the cost of which will depend on the number of copies used and the duration of music (see scales above).

If you are producing a single production that you are producing up to 250 copies of, the Combined MCPS – PPL Limited Manufacture might provide the most economical solution for you.
How to buy your MCPS LM Licences
These can be purchased direct from MCPS-PRS from their dedicated LM website – follow the link below:
Purchase Now

Further Information
Unsure of what licences you need?  Visit our Copyright Guide section for more information.

For further information, please use the contact page


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