SoundDevices MixPre Musician Plug-in Released


SoundDevices have just released (13/06/18) their Musician Plug-in, which provides Track laying/Overdubbing on any of their MixPre Recorder-mixers. Incredibly, you can compile up to 12 tracks in total, even on the MixPre3. The only difference is that on the Mix Pre3 you can only record 3 tracks at once – on the MixPre6 you can record 6 at the same time and on the MixPre10 you can record 8 at the same time. Track Bouncing enables you to mix multiple tracks into one or two, freeing up more tracks for further overdubbing.

You can also Punch In/Out automatically or you can manually drop in and out of record on armed tracks while playing back existing unarmed tracks. You can also lay down Cue Markers to navigate within your recording. These can be named and they can be moved in 1 tenth of a second increments for accurate placing and cueing. A configurable metronome can be engaged, either for the whole recording or just for the intro timing.

Unusually for SoundDevices, effects are also provided (reverb and vocal air) so you can add atmosphere and character to your recordings. Tracks can be mixed ‘live’ during recording or on playback – so you can create a mix using the fader knobs, pans, solos, mutes and effects. And, of course, you can route any input to any track, so you don’t have to re-plug inputs unnecessarily. You can even import a multi-channel wav file from your DAW to use as the foundation for a new project – or as a backing track for a live performance – so you have a robust and reliable output for performing live as well.
Finally, you can export you final mix-down to share with others.

The Musician Plug-in is now available (13/06/18) from the SoundDevices web site and costs $99.

You can now purchase all the MixPre series with the Musician Plug-in included – or update your existing MixPre with the $99 plug-in.

You will need to install the Firmware update v2.20 or later to your MixPre before installing the Musician Plug-in. 

Chris North, M.M.Inst.V

14 June 2018

See the SoundDevices product video for the new MixPre3M and 6M which incorporate the Musician Plug-in.

See Chris North’s IOV review of the MixPre3 here

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    To see how to set up and use the Musician Plug-in you can download the user manual for the MixPre3M or MixPre6M (M=Musician version) from the SoundDevices web site

    If you are thinking of buying one of the mixPres 3,6,or 10 input then check out the following suppliers :

    Pinknoise Systems :

    Jigsaw 24


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