The IOV Code of Practice

Code of PracticeThe IOV’s Code of Practice was formulated in 1987 by the IOVs Executive to act as a guideline for its members. The proof of its success is that it still represents the fundamental principles by which the IOV operates. By signing the Membership Application form, every member has agreed to abide by its principles.

The Code of Practice has been designed to aid both the videographer and the general public by outlining certain standards and expectations that should, if fully met, ensure that every commission is carried out to everyone’s satisfaction.

The IOV Code of Practice

On joining the IOV each member agrees to abide by the guidelines laid down in this code of practice. In the advent of arbitration, any member deviating from the Code of Practice must be able to justify their actions to the Executive.

  1. Each member will conduct business in a professional manner and will at no time knowingly indulge in any practice or action likely to bring the Institute, its executive or membership into disrepute.
  2. Each member will accept the right of his/her client to forward any complaint to the IOV Executive for Arbitration. The IOV’s ruling on Arbitration matters is final and binding on members subject, of course, to the members normal statutory rights.
  3. Each member will at all times strive to maintain the highest standards of production in line with any IOV qualification which may have been obtained or advertised.
  4. Any ‘Ordinary’ member of the IOV will refrain from advertising in a way which may infer either a qualification or endorsement from the IOV. Ordinary members may not use any IOV crest or logo but are within their rights to state that they are a member of the IOV if the statement makes clear that they are an Ordinary member.
  5. Each Member will work within the reasonable terms set by the member’s client, or by any official or body possessing the correct and legal authority to set limitations and restrictions. Furthermore, it is the Member’s responsibility to inform the client of any adverse effects on the final production resulting from, and/or caused by imposition of any such limitations or restrictions.
  6. All members undertaking commercial activity in the video and multimedia field must carry adequate Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance. Upon request, such policies are to be made available for inspection by the Executive of the IOV.
  7. Members shall at all times maintain the confidentiality of information either entrusted to them or obtained in pursuance of their work except on the order of a court of law or other appropriate authority.
  8. Members will at all times observe current Health & Safety regulations and have due consideration for the safety and welfare of staff, clients and the general public.
  9. Members will strive to maintain good commercial relationships with other members of the IOV with a view to promoting professionalism in video and multimedia production.

Promoting Professionalism in Video Production

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